Live with Respect
middle, high, college, & beyond.

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Respect is treating people positively, showing them that they have value. (T. Tilahun)

To carry yourself with pride, ambition,and in a way that is representing yourself and your family the right way.
(J. Lawrence)


It means to live with admiration for others. (M. Ferby)


Live with Respect.

Earn a Scholarship.

MMiddle. High. College. Beyond.

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Tell us how you "Live with Respect". Earn a Scholarship. Pursue Your Career Dreams. Gain Life Changing Access to Opportunities.

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We are partnering with one of the world's leading entrepreneurs. Supporting students and future leaders that dare to pursue their life, leadership, and career dreams.

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March 1st Application Deadline

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Nashville's Top Chefs

$40 Family Box.


We are Saving Families 50% on their Weekly Food Budget.


No Ongoing Commitment. Every Two Weeks. Gourmet Customized Meals.

Every 2 Weeks

Fully Customized

Gourmet Meals
Feeds a Family of 4.

We collaborate with community groups, faith-based organizations, and every day people of all ages, languages, & cultures.

We are saving families 50% on their weekly food budget. Join the movement.

As a child growing up in Oakland, California was rough for me. Not only did I have to worry about the rough environment within my neighborhood but I had to worry about what I was going to eat outside of “school lunch". I do believe that my inability to concentrate was my number one reason for learning to read late in life.

I’ve always wished that as an adult that I’d one day be in a position to bless someone else and to remove that same worry I had as a child. This food program of sorts would allow us to stock the fridges of those homes that suffer from food insecurity, who have minimal access to consistent quality food, and hungry kids.

What we will accomplish: Show the importance of community, how to grocery shop, discuss dishes that could be made from the items and provide recipes, do food demos involving the students, discuss wholesale pricing and or buying in bulk & tax exemption in a lesson plan, helping families, bringing positive media attention to Knowledge Academies and to the culinary program.


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